Campaign Statement

Fellow AmCham China Members,

I am running for a seat on the 2021 AmCham Board of Governors and would like to ask for your support and your vote.

My name is Jeffrey Que, and I am currently serving as Vice President for Government Affairs and Policy at Johnson & Johnson China. Once a general surgeon, I joined the pharmaceutical industry since 1992, and I gathered rich experience in policy shaping and market access issues across the pharmaceutical, medical device, nutrition and consumer sectors, which is highly relevant with AmCham China’s priorities when better healthcare becomes more significant than ever.

Johnson & Johnson has been closely engaged with AmCham China in recent years, as a member of the Chairman’s Circle and platinum sponsor of the Social Impact Initiatives, and I worked as Co-Chair of the Healthcare Forum and Steering Committee Member of the AmCham Healthcare Cooperation Program. I believe that in a time of complexity and change, the role of AmCham China as the voice of the American business community has become increasingly important. We should seize the opportunities brought about by China's deepening of reform and opening up, jointly respond to challenges in the fields of international relations, trade, economy and regulatory environment, and do our best for the development and prosperity of US-China economic and trade cooperation.

My work experience in multinational companies and the R&D-based Pharmaceutical Association Committee (RDPAC), and my role at AmCham Healthcare Forum provides a unique perspective for policy advocacy in a spirit of mutual benefit, and I am willing to make greater contributions to enhance the synergy of the community and promote AmCham positions to improve the business climate in China and build an upgraded ecosystem conducive to innovation and international cooperation.

Thank you for your consideration and your support.


Jeffrey Que (Fei Que) joined Johnson & Johnson in Feb. 2013, and serves as Member of China President Council and Vice President of Johnson & Johnson China. Jeffrey has the responsibility for corporate government affairs for all Johnson & Johnson businesses in China, and develops the government affairs strategy and partnership in cooperation with related stakeholders.

Jeffrey has more than 15 years experience in government affairs, especially in healthcare policy and market access related to the pharmaceutical, medical device, nutrition and consumer business. Before joining Johnson & Johnson, Jeffrey used to work for several multinational pharmaceutical companies and was responsible for business and business development. From 2005 to 2007, Jeffrey worked at the R&D-based Pharmaceutical Association Committee (RDPAC) in Beijing as a Market Access Director, and developed recommendations on healthcare policy and industry development etc., to support the government priorities. Before joining the pharmaceutical industry in 1992, he was a general surgeon.

Jeffrey also serves as Co-Chair of the Healthcare Forum of AmCham China and Steering Committee Member of the AmCham Healthcare Cooperation Program. He earned a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Medicine from Zhejiang University Medical School, and a certified Masters Degree in Administrative Law from Zhejiang University.