I have been an active member of AmCham China since 2003. I served as the main coordinator and editor for the agriculture chapter of AmCham white paper for several years, and spearheaded the creation of US-China Agricultural and Food Partnership (AFP). I am now actively involved in several AmCham Forums, Committees and Taskforces including government affairs committee, policy committee and BIT taskforce. I am also leading AmCham Ag Forum as a co-chair. In this capacity, I championed its advocacy efforts by initiating and leading Ag Forum white paper outreach to government and briefing sessions with media. I also invited several key policy makers to brief AmCham members about China’s food security and food safety policies.

I am a government affairs veteran in Beijing starting as early as 1996. With my working experience in Chinese government, and working experience of over 2 decades for heavily regulated industries like agriculture and pharmaceutical, I have learnt how to effectively communicate between private and public sector on challenging business and policy issues. While AmCham members are increasingly concerned about slowing down of China’s economy, and sluggish implementation of China’s reform agenda, I will bring to the Board a unique skill set for positioning AmCham as a leading voice and resource for both government and business community.

I highly appreciate your vote allowing me the honor and opportunity to serve you as Governor on the AmCham China Board.