I have been honored to serve you as the vice chair and Board of Governor in the past three years in my role as Government Affair senior director for Motorola Solutions. As I’m writing this statement for the fourth time with my new identity as an entrepreneur and senior advisor for 100K Strong Foundation, I ask myself two questions:

Why would members still need my service?

AmCham is more than a NGO, it’s a business that serves multiple market segments: with large MNCs, NGOs and SMEs each having their unique demands. With my 20 years of corporate experience and my new entrepreneur and NGO role, I’d be able to appreciate the different demand, and leverage my experience, resource and networks to support them. 

Is serving on the board still what I want to do?

Serving on the board is quite a commitment, whether it’s attending governmental policy meetings or selling sponsorships for events, it takes time. Being an entrepreneur every minute I spend on AmCham is one minute less for my own business, so is this still what I want to do? The answer is YES. AmCham is not just a platform for businesses, it is also a community and a voice. From that perspective, it aligns with my passion of bridging between the west and the east, large and small and that every voice counts.

I am proud to have been part of the team leading AmCham China and I’m confident that my experience, passion and collaborating leadership style will bring more values to the board and to you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you one more term.