I have been associated with MetLife for more than 23 years.  As an AmCham China member for the last eighteen years, and a founding member of the Insurance Forum, I served as the Forum's co-chair for 2007 and 2008 and I had the privilege of serving as Board of Governors from 2009 to 2015 (except 2013, absence required by AmCham China policy).

The US-China bilateral relations has never been easy, 2015-2016 will even been more challenging than ever: the US Presidential election, the US-China BIT negotiation, China’s political and economic relationship with the US and China’s neighbors, and, China’s economic environment, etc.  AmCham China has been playing an effective role in representing US business community as well as promoting US-China economic and investment cooperation over the years.  AmCham China Board of Governors are committed to serving the best interests of general membership, exploring business opportunities in China, advocating for pro-business policies and regulations, and driving the two countries towards a more healthy and constructive relationship.  I believe that AmCham China will continue help members succeed despite the complexities in the political, economic and regulatory environment in China.

We need your participation and involvement to make AmCham China a better institution. Please let me know, if I am elected again, how the Board could help to ensure that the general interests of the membership will be heard and served, and how to make US-China business relations better and healthier.

Thank you!