01 Tianjin Chapter News

At May's Monthly Executive Breakfast Briefing, Johnny Browaeys, Director of International Business at GREENMENT Environment, warned of a coming “environmental storm” from newly centralized regulations designed to ensure every company, foreign or domestic, complies with the Chinese government’s aim to create an environmentally clean China.

Johnny indicated that over 80 percent of American and European companies have already reported having their business affected by the new environmental regulations. In addition, cases like in Shandong Province, where 80 percent of the industrial parks are being closed, serve as a sobering reminder that companies need to have a plan to deal with these new regulations. Being able to read the tide of change in your specific province is going to be necessary for all multinational corporations operating in China. Johnny emphasized the need for companies to be able to understand and navigate the nuances between the local and central government to best ensure compliance.

Johnny Browaeys, Director of International Business at GREENMENT Environment explains to attendees how to prepare and cope with upcoming regulations.

Most importantly, Johnny taught members where to get the information they need to understand the likely impact that new regulations will have on their business and suppliers. The importance of this date cannot be understated, as not all companies and industries will come under the same level of scrutiny. In addition, companies need to be aware of how important the government views their industry to the local economy and prepare accordingly. By showing members both where to find and how to use this data, Johnny was showing them how to not only survive the upcoming storm of regulations but thrive in it.

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session and instructions on where to find more information surrounding the Chinese government’s new environmental policies. AmCham China, Tianjin would like to sincerely thank Johnny for his excellent presentation. For more news regarding upcoming events, please check AmCham China, Tianjin’s official event page for more.