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Where is your hometown?

I was born in Dandong and moved to Dalian to pursue my undergraduate study in English language.

How did you arrive in your current position at Cheniere Energy?

After 10 years working mostly with foreign firms in Dalian, I decided to take on another challenge by embarking on a business-related graduate course in the UK. A part-time job opportunity with Mitsui London turned into a full-time job as a liquefied natural gas (LNG) trader in early 2000 thanks to my English and Japanese ability as well as my diverse working experience in China. I then moved to Morgan Stanley to trade LNG and develop the market in Asia from Singapore. In early 2015, I was invited by Cheniere in Singapore to help them develop their Asian market, and last year they set their sights on the potential of the China market. They decided to set up a Beijing office, and appointed me as Chief Representative to take responsibility for Cheniere China’s market development.

How does Cheniere Energy plan to help meet growing energy demands in China?

Cheniere has ambitious plan to expand our LNG liquefaction capacity in the Gulf of Mexico and see China as the highest potential market due to strong gas demand growth over the next decade. By 2030, gas consumption in China is expected to triple, and a large part of it will be supplied from LNG importation. As a pioneering US LNG exporter, Cheniere’s unique business model makes us well positioned to send more US LNG to the largest and fastest growing market. Meanwhile, we believe LNG trade will contribute substantially to the reduction of the trade deficit between the US and China.

Why is it important for Cheniere Energy to establish relationships with other members of the business community?

Cheniere is well known in the global LNG market, but we are still a young energy firm compared to most of the international oil companies. We believe it is important to establish our relationships with other members of the business community in China and promote our name.

Why did you decide to join AmCham China?

To understand how a new and middle-sized US firm can do business in China and learn from the existing members.