Member Focus

1. Where is your hometown?

I was born in Australia in a coastal area called Port Campbell which is famous for the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles tourist attraction. I now live and work in Beijing, and have also worked in the UK and the US.

2. How did you arrive in your current position with Nihao Global?

I have had my own business now for over 17 years, with interest in a diverse range of businesses. As I was planning the next five years, I founded Nihao Global to assist my other enterprises with their market entry into China. I needed a reliable and trustworthy service provider to give me honest, open facts in communication. I did not speak Mandarin and did not have reliable people I knew on the ground in China, so we developed the company to help us bridge ourselves into the market. I founded the business with another local Chinese person. She ran the operation while I managed the strategy, and this continues to this day.

3. What is the role of Nihao Global in the business sector?

Nihao Gobal is a bilingual communications company with a number of core services, which all relate to bilingual human resources including professional translation, interpretation, research, contractors, and recruitment. We have over 300 professionals with a reach across 19 cities, and work for the government, corporate businesses, and SMEs that are operating or going to enter the Chinese market.

4. Why is it important for companies or individuals to know about Nihao Global?

Nihao Global is a professional service provider and has a proper process for the screening of people in China for bilingual talents. Its network is now extensive and we literally assist hundreds of companies here in China. Our fees are always quoted up front and the arrangements are clear and the quality standard is very high. We have been awarded for our professional standards, winning the Australia China Business Award in 2017 for service businesses. We are advanced in technology and use systems that are useful for our customers to save time and money, and we will continue to build on our technological platform and enhance its capabilities.

5. Where does Nihao Global hope to be in 20 years?

Nihao Global's plan is that it will continue to grow its business- currently we are growing at over 30% per annum. We will continue to add new technology and add resources around this to enhance our customer service delivery and effort. We will increase our staffing as the business growth requires and expand our services into other markets using global technology. Ultimately we hope the company is big enough to list on a stock exchange to provide benefits to the shareholders who founded the business and the staff who work in the business.

6. What is the best advice you have ever received?

There are a number of pieces of advice that I have received over the years. The main one, however, is that logic and perseverance is the key. Maintain your standards and don't waiver on your ethics.

7. Why did you join AmCham China?

We recognize that AmCham China has a great network and provides good services to the members. We also believe it provides good insights in the market and the working groups, and creates a strong extension of our already strong network. We were impressed in the meetings with the team at AmCham China and this was the main driving reason as to why we decided to join. We are looking to working with AmCham China and we have a bright future together.