Celebrating Members who Work to Lift up Women

International Women's Day speakers.jpg
International Women's Day speakers
Ruey-Bin Kao and Lin Gao.jpg
Ruey-Bin Kao and Lin Gao
Yang Song and Ching Tien.jpg
Yang Song and Ching Tien
Lin Gao and Fiona Lang.jpg
Lin Gao and Fiona Lang

To honor International Women's Day, AmCham China and Viva hosted a panel discussion between four professionals whose work creates new opportunities for women. The panelists – Cindy Jensen of Boldmoves China, Fiona Lang of Walmart, Yang Song of IBM and Ching Tien of Educating Girls in Rural China – shared what their respective programs are doing to support a new generation of professional women.

Before the panel, AmCham China Board Member Lin Gao and Ruey-Bin Kao of Telstra Greater China introduced He for She, a movement for gender equality.