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08 September, 2016

Pick up a book during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival (Sept.15-17) and National Holiday (Oct. 1-7) that can change the way you do business.

18 February, 2016

Dan Harris of the China Law Blog parses through the strengths and weaknesses of Haft's micro approach to the Chinese economy.

23 December, 2015

The media frequently refers to China’s New Economic Silk Road but the references are usually only about segments of the project and one does not realize that this project will eventually involve two-thirds of the world’s surface.

19 November, 2015

Chinese customers are generally brand-obsessed, but now with more travel opportunities and social media channels like WeChat full of the latest updates, they are real-time consumers of luxury goods.

16 September, 2015

When asked about failure, Alibaba's Jack Ma has plenty to talk about. The current multi-billionaire failed the gaokao three times, was rejected for a job at KFC and started one Internet business that went bankrupt before launching Alibaba...

03 August, 2015

China's problems are well known: lack of accountability and transparency, difficulty operating according to generally accepted global principles, and don’t forget corruption. Can China overcome these deficiencies and eventually lead?

18 June, 2015

China’s economy is slowing. For Michael Pettis, author of Avoiding the Fall: China’s Economic Restructuring, the reasons are clear, and it is just the beginning.

22 May, 2015

There is no shortage of tales about the perils of investing in China, carried out alongside heaping doses of wishful thinking by companies across the business spectrum enticed by the size of China’s market.

21 May, 2015

Author Mark Clifford summed up Asia's economic growth story as this: “Get dirty, get rich, get clean.” The need for much of Asia to “clean up” its actions stands out today as an imperative few companies can ignore.

15 April, 2015

Liz Haenle of SAGE Worldwide reviews "Wealth and Power: China's Long March to the Twenty-First Century."