Head of Government Affairs, APAC

Rockwell Automation

Running for: Vice Chair or Governor


Campaign Statement

Many of you know me from the time I ran the US-China Business Council in China during and after China’s accession to the WTO.  Additionally, over the past 30 years I have had multiple commercial and government affairs leadership roles at global MNCs such as Bechtel, Oxy Petroleum, Cargill, SHV, Rockwell Automation and others.  That includes working at several major JVs, which were in difficult operating environments like rural Shanxi and Liaoning.

Over the years I have dealt with China’s senior leadership as well as village chiefs in poor areas of rural China, and all levels in between.  That hands-on experience has had a great influence on my approach to managing complex issues such as the relationship between the U.S. and China, which is to proactively address commercial and regulatory matters by engaging in practical, respectful discussions with all stakeholders in order to find mutually acceptable positive outcomes for both our companies and governments. This engagement has had a direct impact on the current discussions between the US and China, and have been a positive, practical influence on policy makers.

I’ve also been the lead on a couple notable but quiet successes which have affected the quality of life for our members.  Specifically, was persuading the relevant authorities to shorten the processing time for Z visas from 15 working days to 10, and allowing Z visa holders to be able to use the E-Channel at Beijing Airport.  The latter has saved members untold hours of waiting in the queue mid-afternoon!

As always, given the complex dynamics we currently face with our two governments, I want to continue to contribute my decades of political/commercial experience to the AmCham China community in order to help our businesses successfully navigate the changes ahead of us after the 19th Party Congress.

I would be honored to continue to do so if re-elected to serve.


Patrick Powers has 30 years of experience in international commerce, government relations and trade policy, achieved in a career that has spanned Asia but focused primarily on China.  He has lived and worked in China for more than 20 years, in addition to assignments in Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan.   

He is Head of Government Affairs for Rockwell Automation Greater China.  Mr. Powers began his career with Bechtel, Inc., and held successive management positions at Island Creek of China Coal Ltd (Occidental Petroleum), SSM Coal BV, SHV Holdings, Tait Asia Ltd. (Vietnam), Mundoro Mining, Cargill, and Applus+.    

Mr. Powers held the position of Vice President for China Operations at the US-China Business Council, the primary organization dealing with Sino-American commercial matters from 1999 to 2006.  In that role, he was responsible for business advocacy and advisory services on behalf of 250 American MNC’s operating in the PRC.  Mr. Powers has extensive experience in government relations and communications in China and Asia as well as a background in business development and operations in natural resources, large scale retailing, consumer goods warehousing and distribution. 

He has spoken frequently on China-related topics at international conferences and appeared on numerous occasions in media, including CCTV, CNN, CNBC, and Bloomberg, as well as contributing articles to The China Business Review.  

He has a BA from San Diego State University and has pursued advanced language and professional development courses at UC Berkeley, National Taiwan Normal University, and Singapore Institute of Management.  Mr. Powers is a fluent Mandarin speaker.