2020 Business Climate Survey

2019 marked the 100th anniversary of the American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China (AmCham China). Despite a very challenging year in US-China relations, the anniversary allowed us to reflect with a broader perspective on the critical role of our organization and the renewed importance of our place in the US-China relationship. The United States’ and China’s place in the world are such that the relative health of the US-China relationship has a direct, profound impact on global peace and prosperity.

It is against this backdrop – and roughly 24 months of bilateral tariffs and trade tensions – that we conducted the 22nd annual China Business Climate Survey (BCS). The results of this survey, as outlined in the following pages of this report, reveal the views, perceptions and issues of concern of American companies operating in, or trading with, China.

2019 年是中国美国商会(简称“商会”)成立100 周年。尽管中美关系在一年间遇到诸多挑战,但恰逢商会百年,我们才有机会从更加宏观的视角出发思考商会的重要作用,以及商会在新一阶段中美关系中应承担怎样的责任。中美两国在国际上的重要地位,决定了稳健的双边关系对全球和平与繁荣有着直接而深远的影响。

正是在这种背景下——在中美双边互征关税及贸易紧张局势持续近24 个月后——商会进行了第22次年度“中国商务环境调查(BCS)”。以下调查结果的详情反映了会员企业的观点、看法及他们关注的各种问题。
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