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Alan Beebe addressed the Northeast China Chapter for the first time as President of AmCham China on March 16, as part of the 2016 Business Climate Survey official release in Dalian.

But before the evening of networking, Beebe and Helen Ye, Vice President of Government Affairs, met with leaders of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Dalian Sub-Council, including CCPIT Vice Chairman Sun Lianyun. The two teams discussed current investment policies and opportunities for cooperation.

The Business Climate Survey event, held at the Castle Hotel, brought together the Northeast Chapter Executive Committee and members to learn more about the AmCham China 2016 Business Climate Survey results from Ian Curtiss, AmCham China's Senior Manager for Policy Initiatives & Washington DC Liaison.

The highlight of the evening was a special farewell gift to Rick Howarth, the former Chairman of the Northeast Chapter Executive Committee, to recognize his contributions to the chapter and the community. Leif Rogers, from Bank of Jinzhou, has stepped up to fill the Chairman role for Northeast China Chapter.