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IBM – Opening Up with Innovation

Since the 1920s, IBM recognized the potential benefits that information technology could provide for China. In the decades that followed, the company actively developed products and technologies for Chinese society – from a Chinese character typewriter in 1946 to a computer program that translates Chinese into English in 1963, and more. Today, and into the future, IBM is committed to working with China to drive tech innovation and growth. 

Mars – Chocolate for China

Mars was among the first foreign chocolate players to move into the Chinese market in 1990, and plans to continue to build its brand in China by opening retail stores to complement its food safety hub, as well as introducing new flavors to the local market, in addition to its emphasis on a wide line of pet foods for the Chinese market.

ExxonMobil – From Lamps to Liquid Natural Gas

With a history in China that dates back to 1892, ExxonMobil has expanded its China-based operations in many aspects, pervading the full energy spectrum with a business portfolio that spans upstream and downstream businesses, chemicals, and technology.

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