Group Country Manager of Visa Greater China 

Running for: Governor


Campaign Statement

AmCham plays a vital role in promoting U.S. business interests in support of a competitive China that embraces foreign investment. As Group country manager of Visa Great China, I recognize the importance of being active in a community that supports U.S. business abroad.

My involvement with AmCham dated back when I was President of IBM Korea, where I served as a board member with AmCham Korea for many years, including being the chairperson for the AmCham Council on Innovation for the Future (ACIF). During which I led the effort to promote innovation and new business opportunities for the American business in Korea. This allowed significant interactions with the business community of AmCham Korea and the U.S. and Korean governments.

Prior to my role in Korea, I managed multiple senior roles across Asia Pacific, including 15 years with IBM Greater China. In China, tremendous changes are taking place in the payments industry, driving innovation through wider application of technology. That was what attracted me the most to come back to China. My current role at Visa allows me to lead our strategy and business development in the Greater China region, and continue to be instrumental in champion for market access for our industry.

Visa is a global payments technology company. In our industry, trust is a key element. If I were elected as a board member of AmCham China, with your trust, I would like to use my experience and commitment to strengthen AmCham China’s effectiveness in its core objectives of advocacy and member services:

  • As one of the leading digital payment companies in the world, Visa's vision is to be the best way to pay and be paid, for anyone, anywhere. We recognize the importance of an effective and stable bilateral trade relations between China and United States as it is the key to the success of American companies who operate in China. 
  • Trust and mutual understanding are always the foundation and critical to the US-China relations which also bring huge impact on American companies operating in China. With your engagement and support, I'm confident that we can do a great job together in promoting a more effective and healthy US-China trade relations through constructive stakeholder engagement between China and U.S. –  not only at the government level but also in the business community and people-to-people exchange space. 
  • An open and fair market environment is a key to our common success in China. We must join hands to work together, smartly, consistently and persistently to step up engagement with government key stakeholders and industry associations – both in China and the U.S., communicate effectively to addressing industry critical issues and striving for a healthy business environment that will benefit American companies sustainable development in China. 
  • We are facing a challenging yet exciting time today as we are entering into a more connected and complicated world. I would like to invite all of you to engage in a meaningful task which will make a difference in shaping U.S.-China trade relations. I sincerely appreciate your trust and support on me – not only on me personally, but also to the mission we collectively shouldered!


Shirley Yu-Tsui is the Group Country Manager for Visa Greater China.  In this role, she is responsible for the full business operations, strategy development and management of Visa’s business in the Greater China region.  
Shirley joined Visa from IBM where she was most recently General Manager of the Korean business. Prior to her role in Korea, she managed multiple senior roles across Asia Pacific, including 15 years with IBM Greater China. She has a strong background in enterprise consulting and large-scale services roles.   
With more than 30 years of experience in leadership roles, Shirley’s diverse experience in major markets in Asia makes her uniquely suited to lead Visa’s long-term growth in China. She brings a deep understanding of the partnership ecosystem relevant to China and has well developed relationships with clients in the financial services sector.  
During her career, she has also built a reputation for operational excellence and innovative strategic thinking.  She was named Top 10 Women Professional Management leader in China in 2004, and the Person of the Year for IT Services in China in 2005.  
Shirley graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Computer Science in March 1983.