01 Central China Chapter News  

Over 30 guests from AmCham member company and Wuhan Foreign Affairs Office have participated in the first-ever Historical Highlights Walking Tour which were successful held by Central China Chapter on the morning of March 16. The visiting route includes the buildings of Hankou Concession: Jianghanguan Customs House Museum, Yokohama Zhengjing Bank, Citibank,HSBC, Ba Gong House, Navy Young Association, Xiyi Club and Song Qinling Hankou Residence Memorial Hall. Yang Fan from CECP and Wuhan Foreign Affairs Office provided translation in the whole trip.

By the vivid explanation and interpretation delivery by Yang Fan, the attendees had an insightful knowledge of the history behind the old building in the Hankou Concession. In the nearly three hour’s tour, everyone really enjoyed it and had benefited from the cognition of local history and culture.

Special thanks for Wuhan Foreign Affairs Office as co-organizer, and great support from China Endangered Culture Protector (CECP).