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AmCham China, Tianjin, together with the European Chamber and German Chamber in Tianjin went on an exclusive company tour of the TEDA Automotive Industrial Park on Tuesday, November 27. This was the 19th of such company tours aimed at introducing members to the latest developments in advanced manufacturing, organized by AmCham China, Tianjin.

Member company representatives prepare for the tour of the TEDA Automotive Industrial Park

The tour included three stops:  FAW-Volkswagen North China Base, Changchun Faway Adient Automotive Systems Co. LTD, Tianjin Branch, and the TEDA Automotive Industrial Park Information Center.

The TEDA Automotive Industrial Park is one of many such industrial grouping initiatives currently being promoted by TEDA to drive wealth creation, support innovation, increase efficiency, and reduce pollution.

Attendees ask questions during the Q&A session at the close of the first leg of the tour 


The FAW-Volkswagen North China Base (Chinese link) launched its auto plant in Tianjin’s Ninghe district for production of Volkswagen and Audi brand series automobiles. Some of the impressive technological advancements and achievements this state-of-the-art plant boasts include:

  • An annual production capacity of 300,000 automobiles
  • A 79 percent automation rate, with 985 robots deployed in its workshops
  • A 98 percent water reuse rate, allowing the plant to save up to 300,000 tons of water annually
  • Laser welding technology which increases the structural strength of the body, production efficiency, reduces body weight, and generally produces a more aesthetically pleasing appearance

The second stop on the tour explored Changchun Faway Adient Automotive Systems Co. Ltd, Tianjin (Chinese link). Located in close proximity to the FAW-Volkswagen plant, Changchun Faway Adient manufactures seats, DP and IP, and boasts a production capacity of 300,000 sets. The close proximity of the two plants allows for the companies to reduce logistics related costs, increase efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions related to transportation costs.

TEDA representatives discuss the technological advancements and achievements of the industrial park

AmCham China, Tianjin would like to extend a special thank you to TEDA Automotive Industrial Park, FAW-Volkswagen, and Changchun Faway Adient Automotive Systems Co. Ltd. for