My history with AmCham started in early 2000 when I worked for a US company as a junior staff. I have seen how AmCham has evolved into a very important bridge between the US business community and the Chinese government. I think that with my experience as an active member of AmCham for the past 12 years and as a member and then Chair of Chinese Government Affairs Committee (CGAC) I can make a positive contribution on the board.

China and the US are two inter-dependent partners in the world and in a bilateral relationship that is tense now and that will be more sorely tested in the future. In this more dynamic environment, with shifting priorities and we need to ensure that AmCham has strategy and initiatives to develop a win-win collaboration that is mutually beneficial both politically and business wise.

As a Chinese working in US companies for the past 16years, I feel that I have the knowledge of cross cultural issues and the sensitivity to tie business needs with government’s political agenda. This will allow me to better represent and advocate for the common interests of member companies. I also hope my industrial background and a Chinese female identity will bring substantive diversity to the Board.

Thank you for your support to my success in being elected to join the Board in 2013-2015. I have been working vigorously on advocating for member companies on their business interests, challenges facing through proactive communication with government.

I would appreciate your vote and look forward to working with you.