Executive Director – Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Cummins China

Campaign Statement

My history with AmCham traced back to early 2000 when I worked for a US company – Rockwell Automation as a junior staff. I have seen remain as very active member of AmCham for the past 18 years. I am so blessed that with all the great learning from experienced business leaders serving at AmCham and my volunteer work at AmCham, I have grown up and now lead Cummins China Strategy, Marketing Intelligence, Government Affairs and Corporate Responsibility today. I served as Governor on AmCham Board since 2013-2016 and was Vice Chair and Chair for Chinese Government Affairs Committee (CGAC) at AmCham for 6 years.

China and US are two inter-dependent partners in the world and unfortunately, the situation of these two largest economies is very flux and complicated situation, with shifting priorities and we need to ensure that AmCham has strategy and initiatives to develop a win-win collaboration that is mutually beneficial both politically and business wise. My dedicated responsibilities in leading strategy will surely bring additional value to AmCham and its member companies.

As a Chinese working in US companies for the past 19 years leading Government Affairs, Business Development and Strategy for three different US companies allowed me to further sharpen my business acumen, elevate strategic thinking and planning as well as enhance my execution. My understanding of the membership companies pain points will allow me to better represent and advocate for the common interests on behalf. I also hope my industrial background, diverse while well integrated function background and a Chinese female identity will bring substantive diversity to the Board.

Thank you for your support to my success in being elected to join the Board in 2019. I have been working vigorously on advocating for member companies on their business interests, challenges facing through proactive communication with government. I will continue doing the same and better in 2019 if I get elected.

I would appreciate your vote and look forward to working with you.


I joined Cummins in 2009 to establish Cummins China Government Affairs and Corporate Responsibility function. And, due to my strategic thinking and strength of utilizing holistic view to manage the function, Cummins leadership decided to expand my portfolio to further include Cummins China Strategy and Market Intelligence in 2015. My responsibility is to develop business strategy for Cummins China for growth, provide insights on China market to support Cummins top leadership for business decision, identify and establish the partnership with government agencies and all stakeholders, and contribute to a prosperous community through Corporate Responsibility to fulfill the sustainability.

I was very honored to be elected to join Cummins Global Executive Development Program in 2016-2018 as the first female leader from Cummins China.

I served as Governor at AmCham Board during 2013-2016 and was elected as Chair for Chinese Government Affairs Committee (CGAC) in 2009 and haven been actively leading various outreach for advocacy and also best practice sharing among member companies. I am passionate about Gender Diversity, environment and education program and have been devoting myself in these areas as volunteer. And, have been proactively engaging and contribution to the White Paper and public policy advocacy, including participation on AmCham Door Knocks in Washington DC in the past years.