AmCham China is pleased to announce the successful election of the 2019 Board of Governors. Voting saw a record high participation for the most competitive board election in years, demonstrating unprecedented member engagement and strong interest in the Chamber's direction during these challenging times. Voter turnout was 44.4%, up from 31.0% in 2017 and 25.1% in 2016.

Due to changes to the Constitution approved by the membership in September, the Governors are now eligible for two-year, staggered terms. As a result, in this transition year, the following 7 individuals are elected for two-year terms (in alphabetical order):

Mark Duval

Su Cheng Harris-Simpson

Jeff Layman

Wan Li

Albert Xie

Gloria Xu

Kenneth Zhou

The following individuals are elected for one-year terms:

Jon Christianson

Jim Cooper

Greg Gilligan

Eric Hirsch

Patrick Powers

Colm Rafferty

Tim Stratford

As a result of previously-approved changes to the Constitution, the board will now elect the Chair and Vice Chairs, whose appointments will be communicated to the membership by January 1, 2019.

As part of this year's elections, members were also asked to vote on two amendments, both of which were passed:

  • Membership categories and requirements will be moved from AmCham China's Constitution to the By-laws to allow them to be changed from time to time by the Board of Governors as the American business community continues to evolve in China.
  • The process for the election of the Chair and Vice Chairs by the Board has been clarified to ensure that the term of those Officers begins promptly on January 1 of the year of their terms.