The most common mistakes can be avoided with a better understanding of China's job hunters: when they are looking to make a jump, how they find positions and what criteria to measure them by.
Be part of the most vibrant foreign business community in China
It's nomination season – get all the facts you need to run a successful campaign.
The Manufacturing & Engineering industry is less optimistic than other sectors.

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China’s education industry is poised to further expand in the coming years as Chinese parents prepare their children to compete in an economy far different than the one they grew up in. In this article, we discuss foreign investment opportunities in China's specialized education institutions.


The chamber produces several reports during the year through which it engages the various levels of the national and local governments in China, helping our members make their voices heard when it comes to improving the business environment.


While celebrating American Independence, members raise money for the Jian Hua Autism Rehab Center.
July 4th arrives early in Dalian with a rocking festival that brings the community together.
Wuhan celebrates with food, games and CSR.