The Chinese Government Affairs Committee will host a debriefing breakfast on Sept. 29 to go through the details of the landmark trip.
Be part of the largest foreign business community in China
Candidates made their pitches at the start of campaigning for a place on 2016 Board of Governors.
Former US Secretary of State held luncheon with AmCham China Board and Chairman's Circle members.

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Andy Clayton, CEO of LNP China, spoke to AmCham China about the various considerations companies should have when deciding what kind of presence they should have in China in this webcast.


The chamber produces several reports during the year through which it engages the various levels of the national and local governments in China, helping our members make their voices heard when it comes to improving the business environment.


AmCham China Tianjin, in conjunction with Euro-Center North Asia, organized a special training program
AmCham China's Northeast China Chapter brought together 48 golfers.
Central China Chapter brings together the well-established and just-landed business people of Wuhan