The purpose of the Agriculture Forum is to establish a platform for members interested in agriculture to meet regularly to discuss industry issues, challenges, and opportunities. The Forum also helps facilitate cooperative relationships with Chinese organizations on food security, food safety, and agriculture productivity through bilateral dialogues and educational activities. The Agriculture Forum regularly holds meetings among members to share and update information in the industry and pays close attention to issues such as labor, land and water. Recently a number of Chinese officials were invited to a series of policy debriefing events to discuss china food security strategies and policies with Forum members.

Forum Co-Chair:

Gao Yong, President, Monsanto China

Juhui Huang, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Greater China at BRF

Michael Boddington, Chief Representative at Asian Agribusiness Consulting Ltd. Beijing Representative Office

Owen Ma, Vice President at Cargill Investments (China) Ltd.


The Agriculture Forum has over 100 active members subscribed to the mailing list. The majority of these members are senior managers working in varied sectors. The core members in the Forum include Monsanto, Cargill, LDC China, Dupont, Asia Agriculture Business, ADM, John Deere, Pioneer, Bayer, U.S. Soybean Export Council, U.S. Wheat Associates and so on.


  • Agriculture Spotlight Press Conference
  • Commercial Drones in Agribusiness
  • 1st Policy Debriefing Session on Food Safety Law implementation, FDA (cooperate with F&B Forum);
  • 2nd Policy Debriefing Session on Target Price Reform


  1. Inter-Chamber Agribusiness Reception
  2. Agriculture Spotlight Press Conference


  1. White Paper Delivery Meeting with MOA
  2. White Paper Delivery Meeting with AQSIQ


Jenny Chen, Agriculture Forum Coordinator:

Email: jchen@amchamchina.org

Tel: (8610) 8519-0865