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By Jack Kamensky

AmCham China regularly submits comments on drafts of various laws and regulations that affect the operations of member companies. One Chinese government office that is deeply involved in the legislative drafting process is the State Council Legislative Affairs Office (SCLAO). This year, AmCham China met with SCLAO for the first time to deliver its annual flagship policy advocacy publication—the American Business in China White Paper.

On July 25, 2017, AmCham China Chairman Bill Zarit and President Alan Beebe led a delegation of member company representatives to meet with SCLAO Vice Chairman Gan Zangchun. Members expressed concerns about the length and implementation of the public comment period for draft laws and regulations, as well as the broad definition of national security in many Chinese laws. Vice Chairman Gan gave AmCham China feedback on recent progress on laws and regulations that we had submitted comments on and also discussed other new legislation of member company interest. Gan also encouraged AmCham China to continue to communicate on any specific legislative issues that are important to member companies.

These delivery meetings are an important opportunity for members to reflect the issues and concerns of their companies directly to government officials. White Paper drafters are given priority for participation in White Paper delivery meetings. AmCham China members interested in participating in these meetings with important Chinese government stakeholders are encouraged to get involved in the White Paper drafting process next year. The relevant AmCham China working groups will begin convening initial White Paper drafting meetings in October.

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Jack Kamensky is a policy analyst on the Government Affairs team at AmCham China.