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By Bai Yang

This week, AmCham China President Alan Beebe led a delegation of AmCham China members to meet with Xusheng Qiu, Chief of Foreigners’ Working Management Division of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA). It was the first time AmCham delivered the 2017 AmCham China White Paper to SAFEA.

The delegation gave a brief introduction to AmCham China, and discussed developments on the “Plans for Foreigners’ Work Authorization Policy,” which came into effect on April 1, 2017. During the meeting, AmCham China and representatives from member companies conveyed their appreciation for policy makers’ efforts in streamlining some bureaucratic requirements. They also discussed existing regulatory challenges raised in the White Paper. Some regulations of the new work permit policy, including categorization of expats, online application system, new graduates, and older workers, are still difficult to navigate for many companies.

SAFEA welcomed suggestions from the delegation and was willing to collaborate with pertinent departments for further improvements. During the meeting, both AmCham and SAFEA expressed their interests in potential cooperation in the future. SAFEA also proposed to AmCham China a future policy debrief event for helping companies gain a better understanding on the newly released policies and respond to companies’ frequently asked questions and concerns.

These delivery meetings are an important opportunity for members to reflect the issues and concerns of their companies directly to government officials. White Paper drafters are given priority for participation in White Paper delivery meetings. AmCham China members interested in participating in these meetings with important Chinese government stakeholders are encouraged to get involved in the White Paper drafting process next year. The relevant AmCham China working groups will begin convening initial White Paper drafting meetings in October.

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Bai Yang is a member of the Government Affairs team at AmCham China