On September 9, 2019, AmCham China had the honor of hosting the Honorable Kevin Rudd, Australia’s 26th Prime Minister (2007-10, 2013), former Australian Foreign Minister (2010-12), and current President of the Asia Society Policy Institute. AmCham China’s Vice Chairman Greg Gilligan and President Alan Beebe greeted and hosted Rudd. Other invited guests included Chairman’s Circle members, Policy+ subscribers, and friends of AmCham China.

Over dinner, Rudd shared his hopes and concerns for a deal between the US and China. He said he believes that both countries want a deal by 2020 and that, in order to reach a deal, both sides must possess sufficient political will and creativity. He predicted that the APEC Summit in Santiago, Chile on November 16 could be the last chance for these two countries to get a deal signed before the end of this year.

From left to right: AmCham China Vice Chairman Greg Gilligan, the Honorable Kevin Rudd, AmCham China President Alan Beebe

Rudd’s full remarks can be downloaded here.