2020 American Business in China White Paper

At this critical time, we are publishing our 22nd annual White Paper -- a comprehensive analysis of China’s economic policies and practices impacting foreign trade and investment. We have been gratified by the close attention US and Chinese policy makers have paid to the White Paper in past years. In this edition, we have endeavored to offer a comprehensive set of recommendations for both sides as they work towards greater mutual understanding and successful resolution of our many outstanding concerns.

在这个关键时刻,我们发布第22 期年度《美国企业在中国白皮书》—对中国经济政策和其执行对外贸和投资的影响进行综合分析。过去几年中,中美两国的政策制定者对《白皮书》给予了密切关注,商会倍感欣慰。中美双方努力增进相互理解,成功解决了许多悬而未决的问题。这一期《白皮书》为中美双方提出了一套综合全面的建议。
The White Paper is provided complimentary to AmCham China members, and for RMB400 to non-members.

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