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AmCham China Central China Chapter was delighted to host Scott Shaw, Director at LDi Training Wuhan office, to hold a comprehensive training session at Wuhan Shui Onland where 10 leaders from the Central China Chapter business community gathered to learn a new style of leadership – one based on effective coaching and a hands-on approach.

The training began with Shaw and his assistant, Sophie Gu (pictured above), welcoming all of the attending managers from large MNCs, then delivering a brief introduction about himself and the agenda for the day. To enhance the training, Shawn and Gu delivered the entirety of the training in Chinese.

For the morning session, the team focused on explaining the basic concepts of their leadership style so as to better frame its deeper intricacies in the afternoon session. Traditionally, a leader’s role is defined by providing subordinates with direct orders and guidance – something that will never change according to Shaw. However, in a coaching style of leadership, leaders enhance their leadership by helping staff think through their challenges and create their own solutions. Shaw discussed many provoking ideas on how current leaders can help millennial staff and motivate their teams to maximize their potential.

In the afternoon, through an interactive session, participants learned how to listen more deeply, ask more powerful questions, and then how to convert new ideas into specific actions that will help drive employees and their organizations forward. Shawn encouraged the trainees to engage in group discussion, role play activities, and matchmaking.

In closing, the managers provided feedback and summaries of their training, demonstrating how the profound session was rewarding and in what ways they had acquired new tools and methodologies for leading their teams.

AmChina China Central China Chapter would like to thank Shaw and Gu for their impactful training and looks forward to the next such event, providing opportunities and a boarder platform for all of our members to grow their companies here in Wuhan.

For more information about LDi's leadership training in Wuhan, contact Scott Shaw at scott.shaw@ldichina.com