"The startup economy is not new, but it’s entering into a new era," explains Peter Xu, CEO of Plug and Play China and keynote speaker at the upcoming 2019 Tech and Innovation Summit.

"Today, we see a tremendously increasing number of startups rising up because of two ecosystems that are resonating with each other more than ever before – the industry and economic ecosystems, and the social networking ecosystem."

"They are willing to challenge the existing partners, and willing to challenge the big names."

Plug and Play, a network startup accelerator with 23 global offices (8 in China), is comprised of nearly 10,000 startups, over 300 corporate partnerships, and 280 VC partnersXu leads Plug and Play China's team in cultivating an open eco-innovation platform, committed to energizing technology innovation for China.

Xu describes that in today's startup economy, the new era of startups are exemplified by two characteristics: a greater focus on B2B technologies, and most importantly, bravery.

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"The startups today are more mature than 5 or 10 years ago," Xu explains. "They are more focused. There are more and more B2B startups than 5 years ago, where it was more B2C focused – focused on peoples lives.

"Now, its more hardware, and technology and business focused. Moreover, they are more brave. They are willing to challenge the existing partners, and willing to challenge the big names."

On September 19, Peter Xu will join the 2019 Technology and Innovation Summit to deliver his keynote speech, "We Are Now Living in a Startup Economy", joining an elite cast of executives from leading companies such as Microsoft, Honeywell Technology Solutions, JLL, Phillips, PwC, GVV Capital, and many more.

Join us next week to take the next step into the startup economy and bring tomorrow's technology to today's business.

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