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On May 18, AmCham China, Tianjin along with Alex Scilla and Daniel D’urso, Co-Chairs of the Tianjin Chapter’s Environmental and Sustainability Committee, celebrated the success of the 2018 Tianjin Recycling/educational Challenge (TReC).

TReC challenges Tianjin’s leading international schools and companies to partner together to collect and recycle waste materials. These materials are used by participating students to create artworks and sculptures that are then entered into a merit-based competition. This year saw the participation of Tianjin International School, Wellington College International Tianjin, Caterpillar Tianjin, and IKEA Distribution (China) Co., Ltd.

This marks the first year that TReC has introduced large corporations into its participant portfolio and is indicative of the forward momentum the Environmental & Sustainability Committee is building around creating environmentally sound corporate policies.

This year, TReC managed to recycle and repurpose over 800 kg of waste materials with 40 pieces of artwork created. The pieces were diverse and creative, with students having used the materials to create robots, ships, scarecrows, and more. The creativity on display served as a reminder of the value of recycling and how a little effort can make a big impact. AmCham China, Tianjin as well as the Environmental & Sustainability Committee would like to thank all participants for their hard work and effort. The names of the awardees can be found below.

For more information on what AmCham China, Tianjin is doing to promote sustainability and environmentally friendly policies, please check out our official webpage for more.

TReC 2018 Awardees:

Best 2-D Composition

“City on a Shoreline” – Suhyeon Choi, Rina Guo (Tianjin International School)

“Robot in a Room” – Michaela, Adella, Lisa, Mattie (Tianjin International School)

Best 3-D Composition

“Robot with Ship” – Hjoyin Lee, Gunhoo Park (Tianjin International School)

“Eye” – Lily (Wellington College International Tianjin)

Most Creative Use of Material (Collage)

“House with a Garden and a Playground” – Crystal, Eric (Wellington College International Tianjin)

“Bedroom” – Cindy, Gyuri, Jinny (Tianjin International School)

Most Creative Use of Material (Sculpture)

“Converse All Star” – Seoyeon Yu (Tianjin International School)

“Robot with Hair Bow” – Milly, Sarah, Lily (Tianjin International School)

Most Representative of TReC Principles (Collage)

“Scarecrow” – William, Candy (Wellington College International Tianjin)

“Robot in a Room” – Michaela, Adella, Lisa, Mattie (Tianjin International School)

Most Representative of TReC Principles (Sculpture)

“Reusable Foldable Calendar” – Masa, Katerina (Wellington College International Tianjin)

“Robot” – Daniel, Siwoo, Brian, Cameron (Tianjin International School)