The Women’s Professional Committee’s objective is to foster and support the professional development of women through networking and information sharing. The committee implements a series programs of events and activities throughout the year aimed at enhancing selected skill areas integral to success in the business world. It also provides a forum for members to share and learn from each other.


Active members include 200+ professional women executives and women leaders in variety of industries and professions. The committee is dedicated to developing and promoting strong women leaders and mentoring members to achieve their peak performance while doing business in China.


  • SuCheng Harris-Simpson, Founder and CEO of SCSHAsia
  • Gao Lin, CEO of Message Coach
  • Louise Liu, Managing Director at Economic Group
  • Fancies Yu, CMO of Amway Greater China Region, Director-General of Amway Charity Foundation


Mar 2018, The Second 女Economy Summit


  • Signature Event:

The Economy Summit

Initiated by AmCham China and SCHSAsia since 2017, the Summit collaborate with leading women’s organizations to provide a platform for sharing best practices in developing women leadership and networking with likeminded people from the media, non-profit organizations, and top businesses, with the goal to showcase expert perspectives on women’s economic empowerment and the positive impact of women’s leadership in the global economy.

  • Series Event
  1. G8 Inter-Chamber Series: Career Women Forward

With the goal to showcase strong, professional women in our own community, G8 series is jointly initiated by G8 (G for gender) chambers. Each session we will invite an Ambassador’s spouse or an Ambassador to share her own career path – lessons she has learnt, and advice for Chinese women; as well as her insights on government policies to promote gender diversity and women career advancement.

  1. Mentor Walk

Started in 2013, AmCham WPC partners with the British Chamber, Australian Chamber, 85 Broads, and Capital M to provide monthly mentor walks to members in Ritan Park. The program bring together established and emerging women leaders in our community for a morning walk to discuss professional and personal successes, challenges and aspirations.


Yining Liang, Women’s Professional Committee Coordinator:

Email: yliang@amchamchina.org

Tel: (8610) 8519-0863