01 Central China Chapter News  

The 2018 Fortune 500 Dialogue with Hubei kicked off in Wuhan, Hubei on September 11. Guests from around the world gathered by the Yangtze river to seek cooperation and share development opportunities. William Zarit, Chairman of AmCham China, was invited to attend this grand occasion.

Zarit and the delegation met with Tong Daochi, Vice Governor of Hubei province on the afternoon of the 11th. During the meeting, Tong had a cordial talk with Zarit and representatives from AmCham China member companies and other enterprises. All the enterprises in the delegation got the chance to meet the Vice Governor face to face. Zarit expressed special appreciation towards Hubei Provincial Government for their unremitting efforts and contributions to the development of the US-China relationship.

At the end of the meeting, Zarit delivered the 2018 American Business in China White Paper to Tong, the Provincial Department of Commerce, and the Provincial Financial and Securities Office. The 20th Annual White Paper is a comprehensive analysis of China’s economic policies and practices with respect to foreign trade and investment, which can facilitate mutual understanding as the two governments work towards policies and solutions. The White Paper was regarded highly by Tong for its valuable data and insights.

On the evening of 11th, Connecting to the Yangtze: Networking Party for Hubei & Transnational Companies was held by the Hankou waterfront. The provincial leaders and guests enjoyed the night view of the Yangtze river, listened to stories of the Yangtze, and experienced the historical and cultural heritage of Hubei province. As a distinguished guest, Zarit was invited to address the attendees, and his speech was met with warm applause. In his remarks, Zarit highly praised the economic strength and potential of Hubei and deemed the dialogue a complete success with Chinese ancient poetry.

On September 12, the Round-Table Conference of 2018 Fortune 500 Dialogue with Hubei was held at the East Lake International Convention Center. Provincial leaders and visiting guests met to discuss on a wide range of topics such as Hubei’s further opening up to the outside world and global enterprises’ collaborative innovation and participation in the construction of Hubei in a new era. Zarit said the world’s two largest economies are facing some of their most significant bilateral economic and trade challenges in 40 years. It remains an issue for both sides as to how to enhance dialogue, build trust, resolve trade disputes, and achieve win-win results.

AmCham China has developed its policy priorities as a positive response to common themes recurring throughout the White Paper. And AmCham China will continue to play a constructive role to support a healthy and growing bilateral economic relationship based on fairness and reciprocal treatment.