2016 American Business in China White Paper

This 18th edition of the American Business in China White Paper reflects AmCham China member companies’ general commitment to the China market but also illustrates how they are continuing to weather and adapt to a challenging and constantly evolving business environment as China continues on a path of economic reform and sustainable development.
The White Paper is provided complimentary to AmCham China members, and for RMB400 to non-members. The Overview and Recommendation scorecard are available for free download to all visitors.

Chairman’s Message 主席致辞

Part One: Business Climate Overview 商务环境综述

  • Domestic Reform Pressures Rise as China’s Global Influence Expands 国际影响力上升倒逼中国深化改革
  • 2016 White Paper Recommendation Scorecard 2016年《白皮书》主要建议一览表

Part Two: Industrial Policy and Market Access 产业政策和市场准入

  • Business Sustainability and Community Engagement 企业可持续性和社区参与
  • Competition Law 竞争法规
  • Compliance 合 规
  • Customs 海 关
  • Government Procurement 政府采购
  • High-Tech Trade Promotion and Export Controls 高科技贸易促进和出口管制
  • Human Resources 人力资源
  • Intellectual Property Rights 知识产权
  • Investment Policy 投资政策
  • Standards, Certification, and Conformity Assessment 标准、认证和合格评定
  • Tax Policy 税收政策
  • Visa Policy 签证政策
  • Work Safety 安全生产

Part Three: Industry-Specific Issues 具体行业问题

  • Agriculture 农 业
  • Automotive Policy 汽车政策
  • Banking and Capital Markets 银行和资本市场
  • Civil Aviation 民用航空
  • Clean Technology 清洁技术
  • Construction, Engineering, and Design 建筑、工程和设计
  • Cosmetics 化妆品
  • Direct Sales 直 销
  • Electronic Payment Services 电子支付服务
  • Express Delivery Services 快递服务
  • Food and Beverage 食品与饮料
  • Healthcare Services, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals 医疗卫生服务、医疗器械和医药
  • Information and Communications Technology 信息和通信技术
  • Insurance 保 险
  • Legal Services 法律服务
  • Machinery Manufacturing 机械制造业
  • Media and Entertainment 媒体与娱乐
  • Oil and Gas, Energy, and Power 油气、能源和电力
  • Real Estate 房地产
  • Retail and E-Commerce 零售和电子商务

Part Four: Regional Issues 区域性问题

  • Provincial and Local Investment Environment 省市和地方投资环境
  • Chengdu 成 都
  • Chongqing 重 庆
  • Northeast China 中国东北
  • Shanghai 上 海
  • Tianjin 天 津
  • Wuhan 武 汉

Acronyms 缩写表


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