24 September, 2015
Foreign medical device companies can stay competitive with local plants, teams and mindsets.
16 September, 2015
Pan served in the PLA before finding her footing in the healthcare industry.
27 November, 2015
One Belt, One Road is paving the way for reforms across the region.
19 November, 2015
Foreign business can benefit by partnering with Chinese co's or operating in belt countries
06 November, 2015
Delegation met with Vice Mayor, US Consul General and South China chamber.
30 October, 2015
CGAC highlighted the significant challenges and achievements that were addressed in Xi's US visit.


30 October, 2015
Boobier has extensive experience working in the education sector, and has resided in China since 2010.
24 September, 2015
AmCham China's Northeast China Chapter brought together 48 golfers.
13 October, 2015
Li brings expertise in real estate as Managing Director of JLL's Wuhan office.
19 November, 2015
Lin Gao shares her guide to managing communication with multiple bosses
13 November, 2015
The recent swell in disputes impacts financial, judicial and legal professionals.
13 November, 2015
As the Chinese M&A market opens up, company sales will become a mainstay of corporate culture.
22 October, 2015
Most import and custom issues can be prevented, and there are ways to make it easier for newcomers.
20 November, 2015
I graduated university in 2007, and came to China with no real plan.
09 October, 2015
Jason Kan of CRCC lives by the motto 'take risks early and often in your career'
19 November, 2015
Chinese customers are now real-time consumers of luxury goods.
13 November, 2015
A single-malt following is creating a new niche of bars, auctions and imports for whisky.
14 October, 2015
Nimrod Hou of Cummins appreciates Pillsbury's historical perspective on current US-China relations.