23 June, 2016
China's Labor Contract Law has come under fire from the very top of the Chinese government.
06 June, 2016
Paul Gillis: Li Keqiang welcomes foreigners' help, but private domestic investors likely to lead.
25 May, 2016
Weeding out delinquent staff can lead to a whole new string of problems.
18 May, 2016
AmCham China has a long history of supporting China, from famine relieve in the 1920s to today.
27 June, 2016
Commercial drones are taking off, and China is leading the way.
13 June, 2016
It might sound crazy, but 20% of member companies say they benefit from China's Web restrictions.
20 June, 2016
AmCham China delegation met with State Intellectual Property Office Deputy Commissioner, He Zhimin.
23 May, 2016
Survey data shows rising expectations of GA. New training course gives them with the skills they need.


Members gain exclusive access to food processing labs and construction sites.
July 4th arrives early in Dalian with a rocking festival that brings the community together.
US companies learn about Smart City development while Chinese businesses learn about SelectUSA.
16 June, 2016
China is a leader in green finance, but needs more regulations to ensure projects produce real change
25 May, 2016
Michael Hart of JLL gives his top-10, including the increase in super-tall buildings in Tianjin.
27 April, 2016
Our event on Women's Health Matters went so well that we’re going to expand it into a series.
25 March, 2016
The British and American chambers honor the companies that contribute to a better China.
14 June, 2016
Wong shares the benefits of working in a family business, such as quick and informal decision making.
06 April, 2016
Chang has seen China's tourism industry go from fledgling to fiercely competitive.
07 June, 2016
AmCham China invited the European Chamber for a day out on the links for Memorial Day on May 27.
19 May, 2016
Check out highlights: red carpet shots, rap performance from Andrew Dougherty and a packed dancefloor.
23 March, 2016
Company-sponsored wellness initiatives can have substantial returns and help with retention.