18 August, 2015
A podcast on digital agriculture with LSC International President John Power.
14 July, 2015
On June 25, AmCham China and the CCFDIE jointly held the Food Safety Risk Communication Seminar.
03 August, 2015
James Flanagan specializes in creating idea-sparking moments for TEDx, World Economic Forum and more.
29 July, 2015
GE Healthcare directly engages local doctors in the R&D process.


14 August, 2015
AmCham China Tianjin, in conjunction with Euro-Center North Asia, organized a special training program
06 July, 2015
The tremendous event attracted a diverse crowd of 1,400, including Dalian locals and expat community.
13 August, 2015
Central China Chapter brings together the well-established and just-landed business people of Wuhan
03 August, 2015
Why do gender prejudices exist and what strategies can executives of both sexes use to overcome them?
17 July, 2015
It is expected that China will be the world's second-largest cruise market by 2017.
15 July, 2015
Companies must determine what style of leadership will best harness the workforce.
15 July, 2015
Just because a merger has been given the OK by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) doesn’t mean...
03 August, 2015
HR plays a pivotal role in companies as they seek to find solutions to business challenges in China.
27 July, 2015
A podcast with Michael Liu of Hylands Law Firm, and Iain Young at Hill & Associates.
27 August, 2015
Meet one of AmCham China's newest members, General Manager at Sanya Marriott Yalong Bay Resort & Spa
29 July, 2015
Occupation: Vice President of North Asia for Qatar Airways
13 August, 2015
Dr. Darden spoke with AmCham China to give tips on how to lessen the impact of long hours at a desk.
03 August, 2015
Like every country, China can lead in some aspects and not in others.
29 July, 2015
This week, either Beijing or Almaty, Kazakhstan will win the 2022 Winter Olympics bid.