26 May, 2016
At critical moments such as WTO accession, AmCham China fostered discussion and understanding.
21 July, 2016
Building a knowledge-based society and economy requires an exchange of ideas across borders.
23 June, 2016
China's Labor Contract Law has come under fire from the very top of the Chinese government.
06 June, 2016
Paul Gillis: Li Keqiang welcomes foreigners' help, but private domestic investors likely to lead.
25 May, 2016
Weeding out delinquent staff can lead to a whole new string of problems.
30 June, 2016
In June 2016, AmCham China and CIPA co-organized a business trip into the far West of China.
20 June, 2016
AmCham China delegation met with State Intellectual Property Office Deputy Commissioner, He Zhimin.


Members gain exclusive access to food processing labs and construction sites.
July 4th arrives early in Dalian with a rocking festival that brings the community together.
Wuhan celebrates with food, games and CSR.
20 July, 2016
Government never wanted imports to freely pour in; instead, it wants a new route for exports.
12 July, 2016
The Agribusiness industry is slightly more negative in China than other foreign business sectors.
27 April, 2016
Our event on Women's Health Matters went so well that we’re going to expand it into a series.
25 March, 2016
The British and American chambers honor the companies that contribute to a better China.
27 July, 2016
Zhou sold his company to pursue his dream of designing an experimental aircraft with flapping wings.
11 July, 2016
As the chamber’s new President, Beebe shared his priorities as well as his leadership style.
14 July, 2016
AmCham China's 2016 Independence Day Party brings the best of Americana to Beijing.
30 June, 2016
Follow our step-by-step guide for every state, territory and even non-resident citizens of the US.
07 June, 2016
AmCham China invited the European Chamber for a day out on the links for Memorial Day on May 27.