12 January, 2017
Read a summary of the best reports about the incoming Trump administration
15 December, 2016
“Trump in Transition” to highlight challenges and opportunities under the new administration
16 February, 2017
Chairman Bill Zarit shares his thoughts on the 2017 BCS and business in China
09 February, 2017
Dr. Couturie prescribes an evidence-based treatment for over-reliance on health checks
07 February, 2017
AmCham China's new Chairman shares his thoughts on the US-China business relationship with Phoenix TV
23 January, 2017
Harold Pradal and Cindy Cheng share how they manage an international team in a wildly varied world
07 December, 2016
China’s new Cybersecurity Law has wide-ranging implications for businesses in China
01 December, 2016
SMEs, under threat of cyberattack, must focus on their security
16 February, 2017
AmCham China's Senior Manager for Policy Initiatives shares 5 essential facts from the 2017 BCS
12 January, 2017
AmCham China honored the support of Ambassador Baucus at a farewell luncheon


AmCham China - Tianjin young professionals enjoyed networking and learning how to make cocktails
AmCham China's 2016 Winter Charity Ball in Dalian raises more than RMB 230,000 for three charities
Wuhan celebrates with food, games and CSR.
23 February, 2017
China's government has prescribed a dose of policy pain relief for foreign pharmaceutical companies
30 August, 2016
The Telecom Hardware industry is in line with general foreign business outlook in other sectors.
27 April, 2016
Our event on Women's Health Matters went so well that we’re going to expand it into a series.
25 March, 2016
The British and American chambers honor the companies that contribute to a better China.
09 February, 2017
Mark Passmore, general manager of The Opposite House, has a deep connection to Beijing's culture.
25 November, 2016
AnyHealth Technology’s CEO Yan Liu reflects on advances in healthcare management
25 January, 2017
AmCham China staff their jobs – and their travel – seriously, especially during the Spring Festival
22 September, 2016
NBA China took home the trophy, but all 8 teams enjoyed the day of friendly competition.
08 September, 2016
Pick up a book during the upcoming holidays that will change the way you do business.
14 September, 2016
Learn more about how AmCham China's community has changed since starting up 35 years ago.
28 July, 2016
Learn more about the people and stories behind AmCham's work to improve public-private relationships.
19 April, 2016
Panelists discussed the status of the foreign NGO law and other developments in giving back.
14 April, 2016
This panel discussed renminbi internationalization.