14 September, 2016
Learn more about how AmCham China's community has changed since starting up 35 years ago.
28 July, 2016
Learn more about the people and stories behind AmCham's work to improve public-private relationships.
13 October, 2016
Su Cheng Harris-Simpson is passionate about supporting women-owned businesses – including her own.
28 September, 2016
Focused on government affairs and political risk, BowerGroupAsia operates in DC and Beijing.
Many Chinese view the election process as confirmation that American-style democracy is corrupt.
21 September, 2016
Chinese tourists destined for the US contribute billions of dollars to the North American economy.
12 September, 2016
"If-this-than-that" tools can be the gateway to AI business processes for small business owners.
16 August, 2016
Data shows that integrity is highly valued, but subordinates in China can trust a boss without it.
19 April, 2016
Panelists discussed the status of the foreign NGO law and other developments in giving back.
14 April, 2016
This panel discussed renminbi internationalization.
29 September, 2016
Food and technology companies explore business opportunities in Xiamen and Fuzhou.
09 September, 2016
Members played prominent roles in the talks of the B20 Hangzhou Summit, held right before the G20.


Check out photos from last Saturday’s tournament, held at the Tianjin Panshan Golf Club.
July 4th arrives early in Dalian with a rocking festival that brings the community together.
Wuhan celebrates with food, games and CSR.
30 August, 2016
The Telecom Hardware industry is in line with general foreign business outlook in other sectors.
23 August, 2016
Member companies in the MESC industry are more pessimistic than foreign businesses in other sectors.
27 April, 2016
Our event on Women's Health Matters went so well that we’re going to expand it into a series.
25 March, 2016
The British and American chambers honor the companies that contribute to a better China.
22 September, 2016
NBA China took home the trophy, but all 8 teams enjoyed the day of friendly competition.
08 September, 2016
Pick up a book during the upcoming holidays that will change the way you do business.
14 July, 2016
AmCham China's 2016 Independence Day Party brings the best of Americana to Beijing.