Member Focus

Election season in the US may have just about wrapped up, but here at AmCham China it’s still in full swing!

12 of the 21 candidates running for the Board of Governors attended a networking event this week at the JW Marriott’s Loong Bar, which hosted a novel format for the candidates.

Each candidate was given a short window to introduce themselves, followed by a speed dating set-up, during which all the voting members in attendance got the chance to grill the candidates individually on issues close to their heart.

Highlights from the Candidates’ Stump Speeches


“China represents a huge business potential for US companies, especially automakers. I would like to work together for better policy transparency, foresight, and to even the playing field in China, in order for our business to grow.”

—Albert Xie, Vice President, Public Policy and Government Relations General Motors


“I love living here in China and I love living in the US, and bridging across the two countries. I look forward to continue building those bridges, whether in technology or entrepreneurship.”

—Brent Young, Vice President, Director, China Corporate Strategy Office, Intel Corporation


“If elected, I’ll use my AmCham experience and government and public affairs expertise to better serve members’ unmet needs and more effectively communicate with the Chinese government.”

—Duanzhi She, Vice President, Government and Public Affairs, Greater China Nike Sports (China) Co.Ltd.


“With 22 years’ experience in China, I have broad business knowledge and advocacy experience, as well as a history of service to AmCham having served on seven previous boards, including two as chairman and two as vice-chairman.”

—Greg Gilligan, Vice President; Greater China Managing Director, PGA TOUR


“This year, I’ve worked closely to help restructure our election process. Part of what I want to bring to AmCham is listening and collaborating.”

—Jeff Layman, China Country Counsel, Boeing Corporation


“If re-elected, I will renew my resolve to build and reinvigorate paths of engagement for the full community of American businesses in China, and will seek to broaden AmCham’s appeal and sharpen its value proposition.”

—Jeremy Huff, China Chief Operating Officer, Morgan Stanley


“A board solely composed from Beijing members has inherent gaps in awareness. For 25+ years, my career has been invested in the 2nd & 3rd tier cities. “My space” – MNCs, SMEs, Manufacturing, GM, Owner, and M&A – has been in those gaps!”

—Jim Cooper, Senior Consultant, PRI (Pacific Resources, Inc.)


 “I will focus my efforts on expanding AmCham’s membership, to include the vibrant entrepreneurial community and leveraging AmCham's brand and network to develop value added content and services for the community.”

—Jon Christianson, Co-founder, 3QU Media


 “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” I feel like we’re in the middle of that today. I hope I can contribute to AmCham, by setting the right strategy and bringing us together so that we can develop.”

—Li Wan, Executive Director, Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Cummins China


“I can bring fresh thinking and new experience, but equal or even more passion and commitment to all of you. Vote for me: Min and Mars – your M&Ms!”

—Min Qin, Vice President for Public Affairs, Mars China


“If re-elected, I will continue to leverage my entrepreneurial experience and corporate resources to help AmCham in the key areas of membership and engagement.”

—Su Cheng Harris-Simpson, Founder and CEO, SCHSAsia


 “I’ve been on the board for most of the last 36 years, including as chair when China joined the WTO. I can bring perspective to bilateral relations and an ability to communicate that perspective.

—Tim Stratford, Managing Partner, Covington & Burling LLP (Beijing)


To read the full profiles of the candidates click here. And please remember to vote before the deadline of December 9!