[The Wall Street Journal] Shanghai Disneyland Reopens as Businesses in China Welcome Covid-Control Easing

“I think we all believe that Covid is now here and it’s spreading, and as you have more things open, it will spread faster,” said Michael Hart, president of the Beijing-based American Chamber of Commerce in China. “We assume it’s a pretty fluid situation, and there could be new rules to come in and try and clamp down if the spread is too rapid.”

[South China Morning Post] Hopes rise of further changes to China’s Covid controls as rules start to ease and focus shifts to preparing for further outbreaks

Colm Rafferty, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said: “This [the reduction in quarantine for incoming travelers], plus the reduction to a single PCR test before departure and the removal of China’s ‘circuit breaker’ flight cancellation mechanism will help to improve both the availability and predictability for inbound flights. These are all very welcome moves for our business community.”

[环球网] 美智库发布报告呼吁政策制定者转变对华错误认知,外交部回应