[Reuters] US lobby fears ‘exodus’ of foreign staff in China due to COVID measures

American businesses are struggling to persuade overseas staff to join them in China due to the country’s strict COVID-19 control measures and ongoing lockdowns, the American Chamber of Commerce in China said on Monday. In a survey of 121 members, 49% said foreign workers are either significantly less likely to – or are refusing to – move to China because of COVID-related policies, with 82% singling out uncertainty over how long quarantine and lockdown times will last as the main reason.

[CNN Business] Foreign business urges China to change course on Covid

“We understand China choosing to prioritize health and safety above all else, but the current measures are throttling US business confidence in China,” said Colm Rafferty, Chairman for the Chamber in China, in a statement that accompanied the survey results. “Our member companies urge the government to achieve a more optimal balance between pandemic prevention, economic development, and opening-up of the country,” he added.