[CNBC] Residents in Shanghai begin to emerge following two months of Covid lockdowns. The easing measures come as Chinese officials look to jumpstart the stalling economy.

Michael Hart, President of AmCham China responded to CNBC, ‘It’s likely going to take at least a month to get supply chains up running again. A lot of our members are reassessing and looking over the state of their operations, including inventory, components, and the readiness of equipment.’

[环球网] 中国美国商会发布白皮书:美中“脱钩”代价巨大,不会有赢家!

据报道,中国美国商会在白皮书中表示:“我们反对任何试图使美中关系完全脱钩的行为。” 报告称,华盛顿和北京应该优先在工作层面进行沟通,和双边的企业界进行接触,重视落实计划的真正战略,而不是为了接触而接触。白皮书称:“国家安全行动应该尽量减少对贸易的限制,应该扩大关税豁免项目以推动贸易,这对双方都是有利的。”