[South China Morning Post] US-China decoupling: Beijing, Washington urged to work on ‘real’ plans for bilateral engagement

“In the past, what has made China attractive to our member companies has been the country’s clear long-term strategic development goals, significant market opportunity, and a highly supportive and predictable business environment,” Rafferty said. “But, today, our members feel that the business environment has become a lot less predictable, largely due to the pandemic and its related restrictions. More worryingly, members don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.”

[The Washington Post] U.S. companies cut China investments

American businesses in China are slashing investments and lowering revenue projections as coronavirus lockdowns hit operations and supply chains, a survey shows. More than half of the 121 companies polled by the American Chamber of Commerce in China have either reduced or delayed investment in the country, while nearly 60 percent of them lowered their income forecasts for this year following the latest outbreaks, according to a statement.