US Business Confidence in China Shaken Amid Growing Impact of COVID-19 Outbreaks

US companies reported a dire economic picture in China, following COVID-19 outbreaks that have spread across the country in recent weeks, according to a new Flash Survey from the American Chamber of Commerce in China (“AmCham China”). The foreign business community’s confidence in doing business in China continues to decrease, with all 121 company respondents to the survey saying they had been negatively impacted by China’s policies concerning the recent outbreak, citing a range of factors.

COVID-19: Joint Survey Reveals Business Impact of Latest Outbreak

A new joint flash survey from AmCham China and AmCham Shanghai out today reveals 99% of respondents have been impacted by the recent COVID-19 outbreak in China. The survey focused on quantitative issues such as COVID-19’s expected impact on corporate revenues, investment decisions, and talent retention. The survey also included questions on China’s management of COVID-19 and provides member company’s top recommendations on how to improve regulations.


根据中国美国商会最新发布的年度《中国商务环境调查报告》,去年在华美资企业经营情况小幅改善,但由于中国未来商业环境的不确定因素增加,企业在华业务前景情况喜忧参半。在2021 年,会员企业在华的营收情况较前一年有所回升,但尚未恢复到疫情前的水平。商会会员仍看好中国市场。然而,鉴于国际旅行情况不稳定、监管环境日益复杂、国内外人才招聘难度增加以及中美双边关系等问题,会员企业对于中国市场的乐观态度逐渐降温。

AmCham China Statement on Individual Income Tax (IIT) Updates

AmCham China has advocated tirelessly for the past three years for the extension of non-taxable allowances for expatriate employees at the central and local levels. These non-taxable allowances, which include housing, education, and language training, had been set to become fully taxable in 2022. This was a top AmCham China member concern, expected to result in a further decrease of international assignments to China.


三年来,中国美国商会一直锲而不舍地为外籍个人津补贴个税优惠政策的延续实施在中央和地方各个层面奔走、呼吁。此前,包括住房补贴、语言训练费、子女教育费等在内的津补贴个税豁免政策原定于 2022 年1月1日起正式全面取消。因这一举措预计将进一步打击外籍人员来华工作的热情,这一问题曾一度成为中国美国商会会员企业最关注的首要挑战。