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To improve the policy environment in ways that benefit both the industry and members.

To share and discuss cross-sector business and policy issues to get smarter about the industry.

To strengthen closer communication and cooperation for healthcare between the US and China.


Boston-Scientific, HCP co-chair


Irene Hsu

Amgen, HCP co-chair


Roberta Lipson

United Family Healthcare, HCP co-chair


Rong Zheng

Merck Healthcare, HCP co-chair


AmCham China Supporting Staff: Edward Wang xwang@amchamchina.orgCheryl Lin

To paint a fuller picture of the American business community in China, we’ve delved even further into the  2023  China Business Climate Survey (BCS) Report  data to create 12 tailored industry-focused reports (产业报告). Click here to download the Healthcare Products Industry Report.

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