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AmCham China’s Tianjin Chapter is dedicated to always offering the best possible services to our members. Along with providing business related assistance, we are also committed to catering to our members with safe, fun, affordable, and family-oriented entertainment that will create a harmony between their personal and professional life and thereby ensure maximum efficiency and work-life balance.
The mission of our Culture and Lifestyle Committee is to enhance the quality of life of our members by strengthening communities and enriching the human experiences with hope, strength, and joy through an amalgamation of art, culture, sports, and entertainment. The committee aims to promote, develop, and create Art and Culture in Tianjin by creating a new platform in order to give artists, enthusiasts, students, collectors, experts, and all of those who are interested in the Arts and Culture.
Moreover, by organizing a number of sports, arts, entertainment events and activities with member companies, the Committee will bring the Tianjin community together and thus, assist our members to reach their full potential through learning and the power of sports and entertainment experience.


Rebekah Erickson

Tianjin Renew Life Sports


Leo Luan

Leying International Camp


Humphrey Wang

Tianjin Pher Food and Beverage Management


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